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Commercial Locksmith Services Las Vegas

  • Re-Key
  • Lost Keys
  • Locked Out
  • New Locks
  • High Security Upgrades
  • Panic Bars
  • Alarm Locks
  • Key Pad Locks
  • Fire Exit Devices
  • Hardware
  • Keyed Alike Padlocks
  • Safes
  • C.C.T.V.
  • Alarm Monitoring

Upgrade or Install New Locks

If you are a small business owner in Las Vegas, lock installation is an important thing to consider, as locks serve as the first line of defense in the protection of your perimeter. Getting the right locks installed is really quite affordable and it could pay for itself the first time someone attempts to break in.

There are many Commercial Locksmith in Las Vegas ready to provide security upgrades but it is important to make sure that your choice of Commercial Locksmith is the right one. You can be confident that when you contact JB Locksmith of Las Vegas we will install the right locks and do it in a timely manner at an affordable cost.

Not all locks need to be replaced. Our Commercial Locksmith specialist can often service your lock and replace broken or worn out parts and have the lock functioning properly. We can also re-key your existing locks where we disassemble your lock and change the combination of the pins in your cylinders. The old key will no longer work and you’ll have a brand new key for the lock.

Our Commercial Locksmith specialist can also defeat any lock in any shape or form. If you are locked out of your office or store, our Commercial locksmith specialist can get you back in. If you just need duplicate keys for your locks in which the keys were lost or stolen, our service vehicles are equipped to handle the duplication of keys at your location.

If your company has a pre-existing master key system, our Commercial Locksmith specialist can modify it or create a new one from scratch. Master keying is when you have multiple keys for a facility. The “Master Key” is able to access any lock while the lower lever keys have restrictions on which locks they can access. Contact JB Commercial Locksmith specialist today at  702-446-0285